STICKY: Syncope

syn·co·pe n.
1. Grammar. The shortening of a word by omission of a sound, letter, or syllable from the middle of the word.
2. Pathology. A brief loss of consciousness caused by a temporary deficiency of oxygen in the brain; a swoon, blackout.


47,400 completed / 102,000 total estimated

Moved to Kyanobenthes.com.

I don't like that disabling on LJ hides all existing comments, but all the old entries here and comments have been ported over to my new site into Wordpress.

This blog will remain largely static as an archive for posterity's sake.

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Oh, hello...

I guess this is just a note to myself. ^^;

I didn’t forget about this but drifted far and away as real life kept happening. At some point, it even felt like I no longer had the right to finish it because too much time had passed.

Then one day, a friend and I were discussing NaNoWriMo. I hadn’t actually done (completed) it but wanted to, while she had already participated once; she asked me if I had ever written fiction before, and at first I didn’t want to admit writing this because fanfics have a particular reputation (as I noted in another post). But she wanted to share her stuff with me for critiques, so I thought it fair to share my one and only fiction attempt, just to show my writing style and how I handled things like dialogue and pacing.

Funny thing happened while re-reading the chapters of Syncope, though (I mean besides that awkward embarrassment and mystified feeling that I actually produced it): I’m now feeling the motivation to complete it. Maybe having someone to share in the whole process will help a lot more in keeping the momentum going. So yeah, I don’t think there is anyone left who is interested in an old anime series’ fanfic, but I want to properly finish this just to say I did.

And it’ll be good practice for NaNoWriMo. Or maybe I’ll actually write a huge chunk for NaNoWriMo. (Future content will still be posted to Kyanobenthes.com)


Well, Wordpress 2.8 was released, and I've been slowly figuring out how to migrate to an actual domain URL. I have to figure out themes, importing stuff, formatting, and plugin compatibility, and other crazy things I haven't tried before. Great fun. Maybe.

It would be great if I could just convert my current LJ "theme" and plop it in there, but it's never that easy.

Moving to: http://kyanobenthes.com/

Chapter 1.11, in the works...

I figured out my problem with the "lunch" bit in 1.10, so I plan on fixing some things there when I post 1.11.

But 1.11 won't be posted until after Wordpress 2.8 is released. ^_^ I found out that that new version will have a pretty decent Livejournal-importer, so I'd like to move everything onto my own server with a little more control over content and layout. Hopefully the Wordpress installation and LJ importer won't be too buggy.

It's fair to say these last two chapters of Part I are going to be quite long (by my standards).